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then what?" "I was serving the fish. This woman, she get up quickly and come down to the table. Oh—but she was angry—at the man—at the woman." "Did she make a scene—I


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mean did every one see it?" "I should say! I had just left the table—but every one see it—yes—and hear, too, I think." "What did you hear?" "I? Nothing. I was by t

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hat time at the door to the kitchen. But she was angry—the color in her cheeks—the voice. I think she must be the wife of the man—she seem so angry at him, also." Discreet Pedro, I reflected. He was making everything as indefinite as possible to render himself less liable to be called to court in case of trouble. However, he was telling me just what I wanted to know. It was already sufficiently evident that Vina had actually had the appointment first with Wilford himself, that she had got there early, that he had been late, perhaps purposely, due to some suspicion, or

at seems to be the trouble?" I asked, not cr


perhaps to make sure of covering himself, for he must have provided for Rascon's operative in case of trouble. Piecing the thing together, I was convinced that, [180] in some way, Honora had learned of the appointment and that Shattuck had le


arned of it, too—though it must have been independent, else why their encounter? Shattuck had come—perhaps to face Wilford. At any rate, he had been sitting with Honora when Wilford's wife, of all persons, came in and saw him with Vina. T


here my deductions broke down. What were her emotions? Was she jealous of Shattuck paying attentions to the woman who had so fascinated her own husband? How far was she piqued at the thought of not having hold enough over Shattuck, also, to keep


him from Vina? As for Shattuck, was he really fascinated by Vina, after all? I did not try to pursue that line of analysis farther, yet. At any rate, Honora had seen them and in turn had herself been seen by her own husband, who had stopped on


ly just long enough to give his detective instructions, then had dep


arted unobserved by the other three as he entered. Whatever Shattuck


's attempt at explanation, when faced by Honora, it had not been con


vincing, at least to her. They had left together, parted at the door


. But I knew that the misunderstanding must have been patched up lat


er, for they had been together since that time. A few more questi


ons showed that Pedro had nothing to add, and I let him go. Zona told me what little she had observed. From the other waiter, Louis, I learned one thing, however, about [181] Honora and her actions before she rose and made the little scene at the other table. She had come in rather pale and agitated. As she sat there, having ordered, but with her food untouched, she had seemed to get much calmer, though her face became more and more flushed and her eyes animated as she missed no movement of the other couple. It was that very absorption that probably had been the cause of he

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r missing the very man she sought, her husband. But it meant more than that. It told me something of her nature, that this woman was of the sort that,

didn't sit

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when a crisis approached, instead of going to pieces, like many others, was able to keep such a grip on herself that she swept ahead through the cris

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is coolly and clearly, in spite of the suppressed excitement. That spoke volumes. No doubt when the relaxation came she was on the verge of collapse.

," I promp
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